Not a member? Join us today to help sustain pheasants in Klamath Falls!

Pheasants planted at Miller Island Wildlife Area and other sites are all purchased by Unlimited Pheasants.

If you hunt these areas, please support us so we can continue to provide you with pheasant hunting in the Klamath Falls area.

These birds are expensive.
We need your support to continue planting birds in Klamath Falls and at Miller Island!



Who we are and what we do:

  • We are a local non-profit organization that was started in 1976 which provides many opportunities for pheasant hunting in the Klamath Falls area
  • Totally rely on memberships and our fund-raising diner to provide funds to purchase pheasants and for restoration efforts
  • We receive no revenue from the State of Oregon
  • Money raised stays in the Klamath Falls area
  • Actively involved with youth and promote hunting by donating birds and resources
  • Involved in restoration projects to re-introduce pheasants back into the wild
  • Work with local landowners to provide hunting opportunities



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